Intelligence Analytics 2018

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With the IoT and all the sources and channels of information out there, filtering and analyzing can be a challenge. Intelligence Analytics brings together thought leaders to discuss overcoming those challenges in the intelligence community and the direction forward. 

At our 2017 summit we learned from the U.S. Air Force, FBI, NGA, DHS (to name a few) how streamlining analytics and integrating systems will enhance the capabilities to process, exploit and disseminate information. Key themes running throughtout our 2018 summit will include adopting real time analytics, leveraging social media and open source intelligence to support field operations and increasing the use of artificial intelligence and automation to increase productivity.

See what others are saying from 2017's Summit!

“Great insight into the current initiatives of programs and challenges related to Intel Analytics”- Deloitte

“Presentations and endless networking opportunities”- U.S. Air Force

“It was great to get perspectives on possibilities and limitations of analytics from senior leaders in the community.” University of Missouri

 “A conference that drove home the importance of data with intelligence” Australia Government 

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Why Attend?

Better understanding on military and government intelligence needs and processes for acquisition, in order to secure the bid

Dive into policy and requirements for standardization; learn about compliance requirements for the next generation technology across the intelligence community

Discover new emerging technologies and innovative strategies to enhance real time analytics, increased processing performance and storage capabilities to meet the needs of an ever-changing environment

Test new technologies and applications to speed up the analytics process and maximize storage capabilities during our Demo Drive, evaluate and analyze the tools that will enhance operational efficiencies

10+ Hours of networking with military and government experts to discuss new challenges such as managing big data sharing and increased bandwidths and explore solutions such as predictive analytics.

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