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May 29 - 31, 2019 | Washington, D.C

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Intelligence Analytics Summit 2018 Agenda

The security challenges facing the U.S. are well-understood; the return of Great Power competition, marked by a resurgent Russia and a confident China; instability in the Middle East; rapid technological change that outpaces policy and practice; proliferation of information and the deluge of data ...

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Take a look at the industry professionals that attended last year - you can expect to see similar people this year! Don’t miss your opportunity to meet face-to-face with these decision-makers.

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Exclusive Content

A Recap of the $5 Billion Increase in the U.S. Intelligence Budget in FY 2018

This infographic details where the requested $5 billion increase in funding was allocated. The Trump administration requested $57.7 billion for the National Intelligence Program (NIP), an increase from a re-quested $54.9 billion in FY 2017. The Administration additionally requested $20.7 billion for the Military Intelligence Program (MIP), up from a...

Artificial Intelligence in the Intelligence Community: Trends Within Analytics & Machine Learning

Prior to Intelligence Analytics 2019, we sat down with two of our speakers from 2018, (Ret.) Lieutenant General Robert Otto and Mr. Grant Scott, to discuss upcoming projects, trends in artificial intelligence and machine learning, how intelligence analytics will transform in the next few years, and much more.

5 Best Practices for Integration of Intelligence Analysts

We spoke with Deputy Assistant Director at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Donald Freese, Information and Technology Branch. Mr. Freese graciously gave us a glimpse into what his session on “Cyber Analytics: Leading Quality Through The Human Dimension” will discuss in even greater detail at the summit. He also touches...

Where the IC is investing in - Everything you need to know

The Intelligence Analytics Team has put together a short overview of some of the IC budgets and the expert speaking faculty from those organizations that spoke at our event in 2018.

Productivity and Collaboration in Defense

Unfortunately, government agencies are often hampered by static email solutions and a lack of tools and processes to support effective collaboration. In the past, systems have been created and operated in heavily siloed ways, restricted to a specific mission or security level, and with little ability to communicate or cooperate...


Predictive Analytics in the Real World

The field of predictive analytics is one of the most complex and challenging subsets of the Big Data and advanced analytic market. There is also a very wide gap between the practitioners of predictive analytics—most of whom are statisticians, scientific researchers and data scientists—and the people who most want to...

Security Analytics Market Global Forecast to 2020

The key player estimates the global security analytics market to grow from USD 2.83 billion in 2016 to USD 9.38 billion by 2021, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 27.1%. The security analytics market is growing rapidly because of the increase in adoption of security analytics solutions, as...

Past Presentations

The Navy's Intelligence Perspective on Addressing DCGS Updates to Combat Security Threats

Tim Anderson, PMW 120 Assistant Program Manager, Distributed Common Ground System-Navy (DCGS-N) Increment 2, presents on:Increasing operational capacity through open architecture and modernizationQuerying and processing the data as in real time

The Navy’s Intelligence Perspective on Addressing DCGS Updates to Combat Security Threats

In this past presentation, William Flynn the Director for Integrated Fires, Innovation and Space for the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff N-2 U.S. Navy, shares best practices on securing and filtering raw data.

The Army’s Intelligence Perspective Strengthening Intelligence Capabilities through the Creation and Analysis of Actionable Intelligence

In this past presentation, Lieutenant General Robert Ashley, the Deputy Chief of Staff G-2 for the U.S. Army, shares strategies for equipping soldiers with innovations.

The Direction of IARPA & New Developments in Processing/Exchanging Data to Support the Nations Infrastructure

Dr. Jason Matheny, Director of IARPA for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, shares R&D approaches to support intelligence agencies efforts and how the implementation of machine learning and automated systems is increasing optimization.

Leveraging Information and Joint Operations to Enhance the Nation’s Defense

In this past presentation, Gregory Radabaugh SES of Joint Information Operations Warfare Center, gives an insight into the information environment (IE) as a contested space, the application of informal power in the IE, and the intelligence analytic challenges in supporting joint force commanders in the IE.

Catalyzing a New Analytics Paradigm to Support the Priorities of Defense Intelligence

In this past presentation, Lieutenant General John N.T. “Jack” Shanahan, Director for Defense Intelligence (Warfighter Support) for the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, explores the emerging tools to enhance feasibility. Additionally, Lieutenant General Shanahan shares future strategies, processes and resources to support operations; as well as...